Independent private school in Redmond Washington

Built on a liberal arts foundation

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While our classroom curriculum is the heartbeat of our school, we believe that all children need a foundation rooted in the liberal arts, a foundation that challenges their thinking and requires them to apply their skills across disciplines. Based on this belief, our program offers regular enrichment opportunities including:



Our Pre-K thru Fifth Grade children engage in weekly Spanish classes with Señora Sonia from the Periquitos Spanish Program. Señora Sonia uses songs, books, games, and interactive notebooks to help the children build their vocabulary, basic grammar, and move towards conversational Spanish in the upper grades.

Music & Art

Our Pre-K thru Fifth Grade music program is a spiraled curriculum that starts in our younger grades using drums and boom whackers to teach rhythm and beats. In our middle grade, the children learn how to read notes, play the recorder, and sing in a class choir. In our upper grades, the children expand their knowledge by learning the Orff instruments, singing in a class choir, and trying their hand at a solo, duet, or trio in our yearly musical production.

Once a month, Pre-K thru Fourth Grade work with Igimo Art Studio to create a special art piece. Through these project, the children learn about different art mediums and expand their abilities to draw fine details.

Physical Education

Each month, our Pre-K thru Fifth Grade participates in a physical education program. They travel about two miles to the Crossroad Community Gym and work with Skyhawk Sports on physical fitness and basic sports skills. These sessions are fast paced, utilize modeling, games, and sports equipment to build skills and promote team work.

Field Trips

Our curriculum is structured to emphasize learning in and outside of the classroom. We believe that a rich education involves engaging curriculum in authentic surroundings where exploration and discovery are at the heart of the experience. Each classroom participates in four to five curriculum based field trips each year. A few examples of these field trips are:

  • Seattle Children’s Theatre
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Kids Quest
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Fort Nisqually Living History Museum
  • Issaquah Salmon Hatchery
  • Bellevue Botanical Gardens
  • 21 Acres Center
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Hopelink Food Bank
  • Redmond City Hall

Debate Club

Our upper grades are invited to participate in our after school debate club. This club provides a safe space to learn the fundamentals of debate, holds low-key inter-school debates against classmates, and finishes the year by participating in a competitive debate against surrounding schools (hosted by Debatable). Our 2018 team placed in the top three with several individual awards given for outstanding personal performances.

Leadership Intensive

Each spring our upper grades engage in a three day leadership intensive at YMCA’s Camp Colman. During this time, the children work through team building activities, a ropes course, rock climbing tower, and canoeing challenges. Intertwined with each activity is a time to reflect and build strategies for a better group performance. At the end of the three days, the children leave with a stronger sense of self, a skill set for communicating effectively with others, and a deeper understanding of community.

Other highlights of the Cascadia experience

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