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Letter from the Head of School

We believe that our role is to partner with parents and children in providing an effective, inspirational learning environment where children can build a solid foundation, learn to think deeply, find confidence in their personal voice, and become an empathetic leader who makes a positive global footprint. 

Each year, our staff has the privilege of watching Cascadia students blossom into articulate, independent thinkers who have a personal drive for excellence and a passion for investing in issues beyond themselves. For me, this Cascadia journey started over twelve years ago as a classroom teacher. After many years of passionately investing at the classroom level, I took on the role of the Program Director, which enabled me to work across grades and eventually led to my role as Head of School. Now having my own children participating in Cascadia's program, I have the opportunity to see that transformation at a very personal level. Our passionate staff and tailored curriculum truly lead the children on a wonderful journey of discovery, engagement, and growth. 

I invite you to get to know us better through our website and school tours. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Teri Keeton | Head of School

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A proud history 

Cascadia has been a strong presence in the Eastside independent school community since 1977. With a rich foundation in the Montessori philosophy, Cascadia has built a unique curriculum that intertwines independence and discovery with structure and accountability.

The Cascadia experience has set the foundation for children to successfully pursue the next step in their educational journey, whether that be a competitive independent middle school, gifted public school program, or choice school. Children leave our program with confidence and a skill set geared for success.

We aim to impart these core values within each child


Always choose to explore

We believe that learning is more than fact memorization. We believe that children must engage in their learning by thinking through it, manipulating it, processing it, and applying it. This engagement begins with our faculty setting a strong foundation, modeling exploration, and providing opportunities for creative, independent investigation. Through this model, children move past basic understanding to  discussions and real-world application. 


Be confident in your voice 

We believe that healthy relationships with oneself and others promote strong social engagement. Through providing a safe environment, the children have the opportunity to find their personal voice by celebrating what makes them unique and acknowledging how their strengths can benefit their community. Having a strong sense of self allows them to confidently engage their peers and community, approach relationships with an open mind and a listening ear, and celebrate differences.  


Look outward and listen

We believe that age does not define leadership roles. Effective leaders can be of any age and have an inner confidence and tenacity to persist through challenges. Through creating a safe, collaborative environment, we inspire our students to find their personal voice and to lead with their strengths. Our students learn how to lead quietly through personal drive, strong work ethic, and consistent behavior, while leading others with confidence, clear articulation of thoughts, and team collaboration. 

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