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Our story

We create a space where the unbridled potential and insatiable curiosity of every child is nurtured to help them grow into global citizens that engage life with a sense of discovery and openness.

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Education as a process

We believe education is a lifelong journey that stems from curiosity and engagement. Our role is to inspire young learners to ask questions that are authentic and probing, to seek answers with independence and confidence, and to pursue deeper knowledge with persistence.  

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Celebrating each child

We celebrate that all children are unique and bring their own creativity and passion to the classroom. By keeping our class sizes small, we allow for more individualized instruction and engagement. The children learn to value their differences and understand the power of their personal voice. 

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 Rooted in our history

We have been a strong presence in the Eastside independent school community since 1977. With a rich foundation in the Montessori philosophy, we have built a unique curriculum that intertwines independence and discovery with structure and accountability.


Committed to the whole student

Elementary school is where the building blocks of later success are formed, and helping students become engaging thinkers across multiple disciplines is rooted in our commitment to a broad liberal arts education that dives deeper at each progressing grade. 

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Our alumni families

Cascadia has successfully built and fostered a very supportive and transformative environment for the budding kids. The innovative approach of the Cascadia teachers to nurture well roundedness in students has been awe-inspiring. Their infectious enthusiasm, energy and ability to inspire the students in pushing the boundaries have made the world of difference for my daughter
— Anindita (Parent of alumnus now at Forest Ridge)
Cascadia is a school that inspires excellence and creativity in kids. After sending both of our kids to Cascadia, we cannot even compare it to any other private school in the area. Cascadia gives our kids the high quality education they deserve and work hard for. The teachers are incredible and introduce the kids into fun activities and hands on learning. Cascadia simply does it all.
— Alina (Parent of alumni now at Lakeside School and The Overlake School)
Every single year, the kind, dedicated teachers gave our kids strong work habits, excellent academics, fun and creative inquiry-based projects, and memorable outside-the-classroom field trips to build teamwork and self-awareness. The work they do in shaping kids into well-rounded little people is remarkable; the learning skills they impart really go beyond the classroom. This school is a true gem and an oasis for a happy childhood.
— Lea (Parent of alumni now at Eastside Prep and Lakeside School)

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